The Luckiest Unlucky Man to Ever Live: Challenging Notions of Luck and Fate

In the chronicles of extraordinary tales, few stories can compete with that of Frane Selak, dubbed the luckiest unlucky man to ever live.

Selak’s journey through life is a bewildering mix of harrowing escapes from death and an eventual triumph that defies the very essence of luck and fate.

This blog post delves into Selak’s life, exploring the incredible incidents he survived, his monumental lottery win, and the profound lessons we can learn about luck, destiny, and resilience.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Frane Selak’s life story reads like a script from a Hollywood movie, filled with near-death experiences that are almost too astounding to believe. Selak, a Croatian music teacher, first escaped death in 1962 when a train he was on derailed and plunged into a river, killing 17 passengers. Miraculously, he suffered only minor injuries. This incident marked the beginning of a series of life-threatening accidents that included surviving a plane crash, a bus accident, two car explosions, and a few more close calls.

Turning Fate Around: The Lottery Win

After decades of dodging death, Selak’s fortune took an astonishing turn in 2003 when he won a €800,000 lottery jackpot. This monumental event in Selak’s life challenges the conventional understanding of luck and fate. How could a man, so frequently visited by misfortune, end up winning such a significant prize? Selak’s story compels us to reconsider our perceptions of luck, suggesting that perhaps it operates in ways beyond our understanding.

Key Takeaways

  • Resilience is Key: Selak’s experiences teach us about the incredible power of resilience. Despite the numerous challenges, he persevered, ultimately finding a form of good fortune that few can imagine.
  • Redefining Luck: The dichotomy of Selak’s life experiences encourages us to rethink the notion of luck. It shows us that luck isn’t just about random good fortunes but also about surviving the bad and being able to continue forward.
  • Fate Can Be Changed: Selak’s life is a testament to the idea that our destiny is not fixed. Through survival and perseverance, the most unlucky person can turn their fate around.


  • How many times did Frane Selak cheat death before winning the lottery?

Selak cheated death seven times before his lottery win.

  • Did Frane Selak keep his lottery winnings?

No, Selak decided to give away most of his winnings to relatives and friends, keeping just enough to live a modest, happy life.

  • What does Frane Selak’s story teach us about luck?

Selak’s story teaches us that luck is not just about the good things that happen to us but also about surviving the bad ones. It’s a complex blend of experiences that shape our lives in ways we often can’t predict.


The story of Frane Selak, the luckiest unlucky man to ever live, serves as a powerful narrative that challenges our understanding of luck and fate. It reminds us of the unpredictable nature of life and the incredible resilience of the human spirit. Selak’s life teaches us that even in the face of the most daunting odds, hope and perseverance can lead us to remarkable outcomes.

Through his journey, we learn that luck isn’t black and white—it’s a spectrum of experiences that defines our existence in unexpected ways. So, next time you find yourself facing adversity, remember Frane Selak’s story and know that the tides of fortune can turn in the most unexpected ways. Feeling Lucky? Start playing here at Big Dollar Casino today!