Top Video Poker Games at Big Dollar Casino

If you’re a Poker player but just can’t find the time to devote to a possibly lengthy game session, then Video Poker is a dream come true. If you like the instant gratification of slots but wish there was a little more you could do to influence the outcome, then you should definitely be playing Video Poker games. The range of Video Poker classic and more modern innovations at Big Dollar Casino is just what the Fun Doctor ordered. You’ll be able to bring all your knowledge of strategy to bear in games that can deliver big prizes in mere minutes.

Licensed and regulated in Curaçao, state-of-the-art SSL Data Encryption technology protects every moment of your Video Poker gameplay at Big Dollar. Friendly customer care is on hand along with a great selection of reputable banking options. We’ve got you covered.

Video Poker Strategy

When it comes to Video Poker strategy, it literally pays to know your paytables! No two hands are the same when you play Video Poker online casino games. But you don’t need to memorize anything when you’re playing and winning at Video Poker at Big Dollar Casino. Everything you need to know is always clearly displayed at the top of your screen.

Another handy tool is the Bet Max button. If your betting budget allows you to wager the maximum amount set for the game, you’ll get an enormous reward if Lady Luck is on your side, and you get a Royal Flush.

A Video Poker strategy many players swear by is to hold on to a Pair, even if they’re low-scoring. The thinking behind this is that it’s always worth keeping a scoring hand rather than running the risk of gaining nothing at all if you discard your low Pair in the hopes of getting a better-scoring hand.

And finally, when you’re playing Video Poker online casino games, it may be a better idea to break up a Flush or a Straight and try for a Royal Flush.

4 Aces, a Video Poker dice and casino chips

How to Win at Video Poker

Winning at Video Poker is much easier than you may think. While there are many variations available each presenting its own Video Poker odds, once you know the basic rules, you’ll be able to hold your own in them all. Just remember to check for whatever differences may be in play for the specific variant you’re playing.

The first step to take when it comes to how to win at Video Poker is that you should carefully decide on the size of your bet. The Bet Max option is always advised, but only if you can afford it. Never wager a cent more than you can afford to lose. Choose how much the coins you’re going to be using in your game are going to be worth and place your bet.

Then it’s time to hit the Deal button to receive your first five cards. This is the crucial point of play when it comes to winning at Video Poker. Call on your knowledge of strategy and Video Poker odds to decide which cards to keep and which to discard. Press Deal again, the cards you’ve opted to exchange will be replaced, and your results will be revealed!

Tips for Winning at Video Poker

Make sure you know the ranking system for whatever variant you are playing. This will inform you as to the all-important Video Poker odds and help you decide which cards to keep and which to discard. To get the best Video Poker payouts, betting the maximum number of coins is essential. The difference between the payout for a Royal Flush is huge! You are looking at returns of 800:1 with Bet Max as opposed to 250:1 in certain variants.

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to winning at Video Poker is to study the paytable thoroughly. This information is crucial when it comes to making decisions like discarding a second Pair to chase a better-scoring hand or not.

And your knowledge of Video Poker odds won’t matter much if you’re not 100% alert and engaged in the game in front of you. Make sure you’re sober, alert, and invested for the best game results. Playing when you’ve had too much to drink or are feeling drowsy is the quickest way to put a big dent in your bankroll. Stay energized, hydrated, and focused to get the highest returns.

Use Our Video Poker App

While the Big Dollar Casino website has been optimized for mobile players, it’s not always convenient to navigate there when you’re on your smartphone or tablet. The good news is that our mobile Video Poker online offering is identical to the one you’re taking part in using your desktop. We have two dedicated Video Poker app options, one for Android users and one for iOS players, and the same high quality playing experience is guaranteed for each.

Download the Android APK package right here at Big Dollar or head to the Apple App Store and get access to Big Dollar Video Poker online games with a quick download and install from there. Both are tiny, so you won’t have to cede too much space on your smartphone or tablet to use them, and our Video Poker app ensures this great game is never further away than your mobile device is. We’re relying on our smartphones and tablets more heavily every year, which is why Big Dollar has ensured that all the Video Poker online action you’re looking for is so easy to access.

The very same SSL Data Encryption technology and firewalls in place to protect your desktop gameplay is in place when you’re using our Video Poker app and banking or contacting Customer Care is quick and easy.