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Game review: Buckin' Broncos

Yeehaw! Welcome to Buckin’ Broncos, the rodeo video slot you can’t afford to miss. The gate is set, the bell is ready. Hold on to your hat, stay in the saddle & get ready for the ride of your life!

Step into your Cowboy (or Cowgirl) boots and prepare for the ride of your life in this video slot. Themed around a Rodeo competition, this adrenalin pumping video slot features bronco and bull riding, calf roping, barrel racing, bull wrestling as well as clowns, show horses...All the bells and whistles!

The action in this video slot comes to life through the use of actual rodeo footage and stock images for symbols and background. It is our first attempt at this type of video slot styling – you have to experience it for yourself to enjoy it. Not to forget, the music will have you tapping your foot while you spin and win.

This 5 coin, 40 line video slot is very rewarding. With up to 100 coins to be won on a single spin, you won’t want to get off the Bronco's back! That’s not all; the video slot allows you to win up to 25 Free Spins during a single gameplay. All you got to do is yell “Yeehaw!” when you spin.