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Game review: BigFroot

Spin the reels and enjoy a classic fruit based video slot, in the style of a retro two-dimensional video slot &; with a twist of three-dimensional graphics and a monster character as a top symbol.

Get smooth and fruity in this exciting and colourful video slot. The name, BigFroot, comes from the Big Foot monster in American folklore but the ‘monster’ in the video slot is far less scary and lives for fruit smoothie alone. So, you can spin and win relaxed, knowing that there isn’t a big bad monster trying to eat your luck away.

BigFroot is a slot monster who lurks and waits patiently in the forest for his next slurp of delicious fruit smoothie. If you win BigFroot’s heart with a fine blend of fruits on the reels, you’ll not just send him spinning in ecstasy, you could also win up to 114,480 coins on a single spin!

The BigFroot vide slot takes good old-fashioned features which made us fall in love with the game in the first place and combines that with a cool and modern twist. This 10 coin, 25 line video slot offers 3D graphics and boasts rich and bright hues throughout. That’s not all; you can also win up to 15 Free Spins in this video slot

The general idea of online casinos and video slots has changed over the time! But nevertheless, some of us still prefer something steady, familiar and…classic! And this is what BigFroot offers, of course with a spin of modern magic.