Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge

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Try searching for who coined the phrase “the house always wins” and you will get stuck on an endless spinning roulette wheel of negatives. You will spin from phrases like the House Edge benefits the casino to you are set up to lose, winning is impossible and nothing is left to chance or luck. All of the above essentially the house always wins, by means of the House Edge advantage. 

Naturally, this surface level research will dampen your desire to recreationally enjoy gambling entertainment. Sadly, this is the case across land-based casinos and the online gambling space, in a bid to vilify gambling and casinos. We write this for those that don’t have the proper information, the other side of the House Edge story and those that want to gamble. However negative the above arguments are, one valid argument is that the House Edge is a casino’s business model, designed to ensure sustained profitability.

While a casino is essentially a business and provides a service it’s important to note a casino is in the business of entertainment! And for your entertainment, Big Dollar Casino will transcend the business model. It’s okay if you lack the conviction to believe at this point, keep reading and your fingers will automatically navigate to our games lobby in search of our premier online casino games with the lowest House Edge.

Lowdown on the House Edge

You’ve probably heard that the House Edge at an online casino is lower compared to a land-based casino because the overheads of the online casino are significantly less. This is true so you are already at an adavantage.

By definition the House Edge is the casino’s average gross profit, made from casino games that are wagered on. The House Edge is sometimes referred to as the house advantage or the house take. If you’re a premium player and feel like these are the stuff of grind players, that’s okay.

You can navigate to our casino games lobby and play your best. If you’re a premium player that’s interested in how the House Edge is calculated, what’s a good House Edge and what does a high House Edge mean, keep reading!

The House Edge helps you understand how much each casino game pays out, on average and which casino game offers the best RTP (Return to Player Rate) on wagers made; which is your biggest advantage.

This information will help you choose the best game for you and your bankroll. Disclaimer – the House Edge is inescapable and not set by different casino brands but is in fact a product of the casino games. Below, you find the average range for House Edge on various casino games:

From the statistics above, you’ve probably decided that Blackjack, Video Poker and Craps are the ones for you because they have the lowest House Edge and you’d be right. A good House Edge will benefit both you and the casino.

By comparison, a high House Edge will negatively affect your bankroll and profit the casino – a high house edge will have you playing for longer and increase your odds of losing money.

Disclaimer 2 – ALL casino games have a House Edge, from slots to table games and speciality games too. While the House Edge varies on these games, the House Edge is a standard feature. The saving grace? Your favorite games have the lowest House Edge! We’re going to look at the popular casino games at Big Dollar and discuss how the house edge is calculated on them…

Blackjack House Edge

As we’ve seen above, Blackjack is the reigning champ in the casino games with the lowest House Edge category; with a House Edge of 0.5%. A typical Blackjack game played with a 52 card deck has a .05% House Edge; however, the number of decks and the rules of the game will affect the House Edge.

A cheat code for blackjack players? Learning the various blackjack strategies will help decrease the house edge amongst blackjack variants. For example – single deck blackjack has a house edge of 0.3% whereas double deck blackjack features a higher house edge of 0.4%; while the blackjack variant with the highest house edge is the six deck blackjack at 0.5%.

Video Poker House Edge

Like Blackjack, Video Poker players enjoy a House Edge; however, Video Poker has way more variants than blackjack and each video poker has its own House Edge. For example, the house edge on Bonus Poker Deluxe is 1.51% while Jacks or Better has a house edge of 0.4%.

A cheat code for video poker players? Find a reliable house edge or a video poker return calculator and put in the payout for each hand. This will give you the speculative house edge based on optimal play.

Craps House Edge

The last superstar in the category of casino games with the lowest house edge is Craps! Most players and gambling enthusiasts regard Craps as the King of the lowest house edge. Craps features two initial bets – Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line – after selecting either; players can boost their bet by taking or laying odds.

A cheat code for Craps players? Bet as much as the casino permits on the odds – these are free bets!

Baccarat House Edge

The house edge in Baccarat varies but it made our list because of the ease of teh casino game. There are essentially only outcomes in a baccarat game – the player, the banker or a tie; with the aim of getting closest to 9.

A cheat code for baccarat players? Knowing the house edge for each outcome! For example, the banker has the lowest house edge of 1.06% while the player has a house edge of 1.24% and the Tie outcome a 4.9% house edge. Like Blackjack and Video poker – the variants and number of decks will affect these percentages.

House Edge is not going anywhere, but the above games are your best bet. Play these low house edge casino games at Big Dollar casino and get more for your bets with our lucrative promos!