Thrilling Keno Games Online

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The Keno games online we enjoy today may be modern and up to date, but they have their roots in Ancient China, where the game is thought to have been invented as many as 35 000 years ago!

Legend tells us that an older version of the online Keno for real money US players enjoy every day was invented by the government way back when. Times were tough and funds were needed to construct the Great Wall of China. What better way than to entertain the public at the same time? Proceeds from the tickets sold served to create what has gone on to become 1 of the 7 Wonders of the World.

The Gold Rush in the 1850s saw a massive influx of would-be overnight millionaires flocking into the United States of America, and Chinese immigrants brought this great game with them. Although it initially used Chinese characters instead of numbers, this was changed to make it easier for people who didn’t speak the language to play. And the rest, as they say, is history. These days, playing Keno games online is as easy as pie.

How to Play Real Money Keno

One of the many reasons that Keno games online are so wildly popular is that its rules are very easy to learn. It is a lot like playing the Lottery, which is why it is so regularly offered as a variant at so many national Lottery sites around the world.

It all comes down to luck, making it a great alternative to strategy-reliant games like Blackjack and Video Poker. These require you to know pretty complex rules and apply your experience and knowledge 100% at all times, and this can be pretty taxing!

Known as a Number Game, all you need to do when you play Keno games online is choose numbers and hope the RNG software that keeps outcomes fair and random ends up selecting the same ones.

Online Keno for Real Money Rules

Choose your real money Keno game from the entertaining options you will find listed here at Big Dollar and choose how many numbers you want to bet on from those provided, between 1 and 80. Remember, your returns depend on how many numbers match and what you have bet.

If one of your numbers get chosen by the RNG software, in what is known as a Catch, you will be paid out accordingly.

When you play online Keno for real money, all numbers have a 100% equal chance of being chosen. It is gambling at its finest, when Lady Luck is the final decider and there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome. Big Dollar online casino makes this game and all the rest of the entertainment we provide available on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, so you can choose how to access the fun.

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